Sustainability is a game-changer in procurement. Whether you’re a restaurant or hotel, event organiser or food manufacturer, childcare or university, ensuring that your suppliers share your values needs to be a key priority for your business. Supply chain sustainability plays an important role in the overall sustainability performance of any company. It can make you look great or ruin your reputation. This is why careful selection of suppliers is crucial for every business.


Sustainable product or service suppliers are companies that provide environmentally friendly and socially responsible products or services to consumers or other businesses. These suppliers use sustainable materials, production processes, and packaging, with the aim of reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainable living. Sustainable product or service suppliers also prioritise ethical labour practices and fair trade partnerships to support workers and communities involved in their supply chains. By choosing to work with sustainable product or service suppliers, their customers will make a positive impact on the environment and society while still obtaining high-quality, functional products

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