Our Services

We provide you with  Affordable, Bespoke and Quality services which will assist your company in improving its sustainability performance.  

We take our clients on a journey:

Sustainability Assessments

We offer different assessments and audits to evaluate sustainability performance of the company and identify areas for improvements. You can schedule a free Sustainability Needs Assessment to understand your company’s current position regarding sustainability. This will allow us to suggest the course of action for improving sustainability performance of your company. You can also purchase in-depth assessments to evaluate your company’s environmental, social and governance performance

Carbon Footprint Calculation

As the United Kingdom is committed to a Net Zero target by 2050, now every organisation is expected to contribute to the achievement of this goal. To manage your carbon emissions you have to measure them. We offer  Bespoke Carbon Footprint calculation which will provide you with a sophisticated report,  tailored specifically to your company.

Bespoke Consultancy

Bespoke and tailored consultancy services are offered to those companies who want to take practical  actions which will improve their sustainability performance. This can be the logical next step for companies who undertook our in-depth assessments. We will match the right type of consultant to your business based on size and sector experience.


In order for the sustainability agenda to be successful in the company, it needs to be embedded into the corporate strategy, and have the active commitment of senior management. Once the corporate sustainability strategy is in place,  its successful implementation is dependent on the support and understanding from the rest of the employees.

To ensure the effectiveness of the sustainability measures, it is crucial that all staff receive appropriate training. We offer training – both for the managers and employees – to help your company fully benefit from sustainability measure.

Sustainable Suppliers Directory

To make it easier for companies to find products and services which will help them run sustainably we offer access to our Sustainable Suppliers Directory. Whether you’re an office based business or restaurant, fashion company or hotel, our directory will allow you to find suppliers that will add sustainable value to your business operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At AVS Sustainability we help UK-based Businesses enhance their Social Value and Corporate Environmental Profile. We do this by providing the companies with the opportunity to work alongside Environmental and Social Initiatives around the World. Being involved with these initiatives will benefit businesses in various ways, from improving supply chain sustainability performance, to making your company more competitive.