Corporate Social Responsibility

We are offering a selection of opportunities for UK based enterprises to improve their Corporate Social Value performance and Environmental Profile through supporting Environmental and Social Initiatives around the World.

Does your business use vanilla in its products? Did you know that 80% of world vanilla comes from Madagascar? Did you know that Madagascar is the fourth poorest country in the world? It’s time to step forward and support your suppliers’ communities.

Are you a jewellery business or an ethical fashion brand? Help empower women in Ethiopia who produce jewellery from bullet cases and weave cotton scarves by hand. These women escaped from sexual exploitation and found a new life with the help of this initiative.

Benefits for the Business

How This Works


Some examples the companies can become involved with are:

Available Projects

Currently we can connect you with 5 projects in Madagascar, Ethiopia, and India while projects in Rwanda, Mozambique, Gabon and Mexico are coming soon. These can be of interest to any UK business that would like to deliver a positive social change to a local community in a developing country, and to reduce their environmental footprint. At the same time the companies will improve their own sustainability performance and reputation.3