Join our growing worldwide community of sustainability consultants. As a member of our network you will increase your chances of connecting with more potential clients. It’s free to join!

1. CONVENIENCE. We save your time and remove all the hard work while finding the work for you. We make it easier, and quicker for you!

2. BESPOKE APPROACH. Having received a request for consultancy we match projects with your skills and expertise.

3. FLEXIBILITY. You choose when and whether you take on projects. So you have control over your workload.

4. FAIRNESS. By using AI technology we ensure that any potential human bias is minimised. All appropriately qualified consultants have an equal chance of getting into the final stage of tendering.

5. GOOD PUBLICITY. Positive feedback from clients will translate into higher ratings, which will increase your chances of being successful in tendering for future work.

If you would like to partner with AVS Sustainability, to offer sustainability consultancy, please contact us.