If your hotel is interested in taking steps to support Earth Hour and contribute to the fight against climate change, there are several excellent ideas you could consider. We encourage businesses to become sustainability leaders, to set the bar high and lead by example. With your help, we can work together to achieve a sustainable planet.

Earth Hour in 4 Easy Steps:

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1. Host variety of related activities

Consider organising events in the week prior to Earth Hour, on the actual day of the event, and during the Earth Hour itself. Ensure that you pick at least one activity that families can engage in or choose one for adults and another for kids.

Some of the most interesting activities for hotels to arrange in during Earth Hour are:

  • Local rubbish cleanup

  • Glow in the dark art class

  • Torchlight scavenger hunt

  • Climate change documentary screening

  • Acoustic performance

  • Nature walk or hike

  • Bonfire

  • Star-gazing

  • Candlelit walking tour.

2. Turn off non-essential lights.

As part of the Earth Hour tradition, it is customary to turn off lights. Demonstrate your brand’s dedication to addressing climate change by switching off any lighting that is not crucial within your hotel during Earth Hour – on Saturday, March 25, 2023, at 8:30 pm.  Create a comprehensive list of all the lights within your hotel premises, and switch off any non-essential lights, both inside and outside, during the designated hour. This may involve turning off or dimming room lights, lobby decorations, and signage, lighting in corridors, lobbies, restaurants, bars, shops, and back office to minimal levels. However, ensure that emergency lights and lifts remain functional for safety purposes. Ensure any measures you take are in compliance with your occupational health and safety policy.

3. Reduce electricity usage.

To reduce energy consumption during Earth Hour, consider decreasing the heating temperature by 1 or 2 degrees, switching off any non-essential sound systems, and powering down as many TV and computer monitors as possible.

4. Ban single-use plastic.

As part of your Earth Hour efforts, consider removing plastic utensils, straws, and coffee cups from buffets, and reduce the sale of products that come with plastic wrappers. Instead, offer branded reusable versions of these products for sale or giveaway and donate a percentage of the profits to WWF as a tribute to Earth Hour.

5. Add signage.

Begin by using informative signage to educate both employees and guests about the hotel’s eco-friendly activities and policies. Next, promote the date and expectations of Earth Hour through advertisements. Additionally, place signs near the lifts to encourage the use of stairs.

6. Mention the initiative at check-in.

Create a welcoming script that provides details about Earth Hour. In no more than three sentences, explain what it is, how guests can participate, and the reason behind it. You may use the following as an example: “Did you know that our hotel participates in Earth Hour – on 25th of March at 8:30 pm? On this date at that time the hotel will be turning off non-essential electronics and [insert activity] to raise awareness about climate change.”

7. Showcase an art installation.

Partner with a nearby artist to develop a themed exhibit or lobby performance. Engaging guests in art shows, live dance or music performances can be an excellent way to entertain them during Earth Hour.

8. Have a countdown party.

Organise a countdown event to celebrate Earth Hour, similar to a New Year’s Eve party. Display the countdown on a large screen, serve hors d’oeuvres, and throw a glow-in-the-dark dance party afterward.

9. Link to the Earth Hour website.

Offering additional backlinks to the official Earth Hour website can assist people in locating information more quickly. You can share the link via your hotel booking engine and on social media platforms.

10. Give special offers.

Offer guests who commit to turning off their hotel room lights during Earth Hour a bicycle rental or restaurant voucher as an incentive. You could even provide VIP guests with hotel loyalty program points.

11. Promote educational content.

Develop a content marketing campaign for Earth Hour during the months of February and March. Produce podcasts, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and email newsletters featuring eco-friendly tips for reducing carbon emissions on a weekly basis. 

12. Host a Happy Hour.

Encourage your guests to join you in the lobby or restaurant for a relaxing cocktail during Earth Hour. Offer a themed drink, e.g. the Earth Day Ocean Water. You can use locally-sourced ingredients from farmers markets for mixtures and garnishes to support the community.

13. Advertise candlelit dinners.

Take advantage of the romantic aspects of Earth Hour by organising a candlelight feast. Reserve bookings in advance and showcase a sustainable menu.

14. Capture the moment.

Capture a photograph and/or video of the exterior of the hotel before and during Earth Hour. Share the photos and videos on your Social Media. You can also send them to us (info@avs-sustainability.com) if you’d like them to be included in an Earth Hour video compilation. It’s free.

15. Take donations.

Offer guests the chance to round up their bill to the nearest pound (euro or dollar) and donate the remaining amount to a climate change foundation or a local Climate Initiative. Enable substantial donations through your website and consider matching as much as possible.

16. Go paperless.

Eliminate paper usage entirely during Earth Hour by sending electronic receipts, invoices, and guest notifications. Repurpose any paper that is already available and encourage staff to substitute one paper-related activity with an electronic version wherever possible.

17. Encourage towel and linen reuse.

Offer incentives to guests who opt to reuse their towels and linens instead of requesting a new set from housekeeping during Earth Hour. Show your appreciation by sending them a small environmentally-friendly gift such as metal straws and reusable utensil kits or make a donation to WWF in their name.

18. Sponsor a climate change event.

Consider exploring available packages for large-scale events such as the Global Climate Change Conference, or check for local climate change marches, speaking events, and action workshops on Eventbrite.

19. Create a display in the hotel.

Create a display or dedicate a wall in the lobby with a clear pledge statement and encourage guests and staff to take part by writing their names to show their commitment. The statement should be achievable and specific, such as “I pledge to turn off the lights whenever I leave my room for one year.”

20. Give away solar panel phone chargers.

Partner with a company that offers branded solar panel phone chargers that can either cling to windows or come in phone cases.

21. Host a free lunch for employees.

To reduce your team’s carbon footprint from driving, consider treating them to a complimentary lunch instead of having them drive home or pick up food. Aim to make the meal waste-free, if possible.

22. Facilitate carshares.

Encourage employees to carshare by inviting volunteers to organise sharing based on their home area or department. This will ultimately reduce the number of cars on the road each day.

23. Host a reusable lunch container raffle.

During the month before Earth Hour, provide employees with one raffle entry for each instance they bring their lunch in a reusable container, and reward them with a hotel gift certificate or onsite spa service through the raffle.

24. Create a hotel recycling program.

If you haven’t already done so, consider creating a recycling program. If you are unsure how to do this, then please contact AVS Sustainability Ltd for assistance.

25. Calculate the effect of your reduction in electricity usage

Use a reputable Carbon Footprint Calculator to determine the environmental impact of the reduction in electricity usage you made during Earth Hour.

Please remember to take photos and videos of your Earth Hour event for your website and Social Media. Please share these with AVS Sustainability at info@avs-sustainability.com, if you’d like to be a part of our “Businesses that care” – Earth Hour video compilation. It’s free!