Sustainable Packaging should be the Norm!

coffee cup

I am amazed at how many coffee shops and restaurants I go into are still using cups and packaging that on the surface seems to be recyclable, but on closer inspection have plastic components or materials that prevent them from being recyclable.

There is a misconception that plastic coatings and non recyclable materials are necessary to ensure the warmth of food and beverages, to keep the container rigid and in tact and provide a quality finish which is fully branded for the company.

In fact, this is not the case and consumers are ever increasingly demanding sustainable products from their suppliers, and in many cases would prefer a completely recycable packaged product, even if this means compromising on some of the other qualities suppliers mistakingly believe consumers wish for.

Ukrainian startup Rekava is developing a new type of disposable cup and lid made from spent coffee grounds. Part of the company’s pitch is that adoption of the products could reduce the consumption of conventional single-use lined paper cups and plastic lids while also diverting spent coffee grounds from landfills.

AVS Sustainability supports this initiative and believes that more must be done by the hospitality industry, including small to medium sized businesses, to source and use fully sustainable and recyclable packaging.